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Our mission is to invest in women leaders who improve the world. We search the world for a woman leader with a daring vision. Then we partner with her to make that vision a reality. Through long-term investments that expand her skills, connections and visibility, we accelerate her efforts.   


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August 19, 2016   /  By Sarah Fisher, Intern Innovation and Strategic Investments


August 17, 2016

New Law, New Hope | 1975 called & wants its sexist reporting back | and more... Read More


August 05, 2016

Wome at the Table, Ready or Not and more... Read More

Fed up w/ all male panels? Check out @_WomenSpeakers_! A crowd source list of women speakers around the world! https://t.co/QCSxVikQik

08:01 pm Aug 24th via Hootsuite

Congrats to @rehmah1 who was award as one of Africa's Most Influential Women! https://t.co/5NHSB6Nfcq

05:31 pm Aug 24th via Hootsuite

Investing in women is an investment well made. Check out @mamacash briefing "Investing well in the right places": https://t.co/OTqROMVXsH

04:01 pm Aug 24th via Hootsuite