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Our mission is to invest in women leaders who improve the world. We search the world for a woman leader with a daring vision. Then we partner with her to make that vision a reality. Through long-term investments that expand her skills, connections and visibility, we accelerate her efforts.   


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May 19, 2016

New Perimeter, the pro-bono arm of DLAPiper, and our new Justice Institute partner joined the Human Rights team in Thailand last month for a Justice Institute on combatting child sex trafficking. This blog post is authored by Sara K. AndrewsRead More


May 16, 2016

Survivors of intergenerational trafficking know all too well that regular employment is extremely difficult to find due to rampant social stigma.  Read More


April 25, 2016

In Uganda, the patriarchal society with strong norms still limits young women from reaching their full potential. The formal education system doesn't empower young women to become competitive and relevant in the job market, as 66% of youth in the work force bracket are unemployed.  Read More

We are proud to partner w/ @FortuneMPW & @ECAatState for Fortune Mentoring Program! See @SallieKrawcheck's piece: https://t.co/usfRxwTIkq

08:00 pm May 24th via Hootsuite

With the @OsloFF beginning this week, let's take a look at one of their past speakers @yoanisanchez #GLA16 Honoree: https://t.co/4MssiVCPRh

06:00 pm May 24th via Hootsuite

The @OsloFF continues w/ Past Global Leadership Award Honoree @manal_alsharif Check her out: https://t.co/CpXgmkbAZV https://t.co/FUWCNTBrtA

04:00 pm May 24th via Hootsuite