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Vital Voices Global Fellowship - Social Entrepreneurship

Vital Voices Global Fellowship – Social Entrepreneurship empowers visionary women changemakers leading for-profit, purpose-driven enterprises addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Social Entrepreneurship pillar is tailored for women entrepreneurs who understand their business valuation, have identified their business growth strategy, are interested in expanding their social impact, and are eager to scale their business through investment.   

What fellows will receive:  

Through the program, fellows will strengthen their leadership and confidence through skills building and personal development, develop global network connections, establish a foundation for solution generation and collaboration, and connect through an in-person convening and regional collaborations.  

Through the Social Entrepreneurship pillar, fellows will spend time on their growth strategy, understanding their capital needs, and gaining the knowledge to access relevant financing. Tailoring strategies to their unique requirements, they will also learn to craft compelling narratives and develop pitch decks that resonate with the ethos of the SDGs and investor expectations.  

Fellows will embark on a transformative journey, gaining essential skills, knowledge, and confidence to propel their leadership and enterprises to new heights.   

Through the program, fellows will:  

  • Examine their business plans and refine their goals for growth   
  • Examine and better understand their capital needs   
  • Develop a strategic plan to grow their business through investment  
  • Acquire the knowledge to access relevant investment opportunities   
  • Learn to craft compelling narratives for investment opportunities  
  • Develop pitch decks that resonate with the ethos of the SDGs and investor expectations   

In addition, fellows will be supported by a robust, global supportive network. Upon completing the fellowship, fellows will have solidified their growth strategies and be prepared to pursue investment opportunities.

To learn more about the program, take a closer look at the Program Overview and Frequently Asked Questions.

The social entrepreneurship pillar of the Vital Voices Global Fellowship would not be possible without support from FedEx and Bumble.