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Crisis Response Fund

The Crisis Response Fund supports women leaders facing an acute crisis and organizations supporting crisis-affected women and girls. Learn more on our Crisis Response Fund.

The Freedom of Expression Urgent Assistance Fund

The Freedom of Expression Urgent Assistance Fund provides immediate, emergency assistance to women exercising their right to freedom of expression. The Fund provides assistance to journalists, bloggers, activists and others who are unsafe and subject to gender-based threats and violence. This Fund is administered as part of the Voices Against Violence initiative.
For more information on the Voices Against Violence Initiative, click here.

Crisis Readiness

The Crisis Preparedness Program for Women Leaders prepares women leaders to mitigate risk and implement a plan to protect themselves, their organizations, and their communities.  

Women leaders in the program learn how to develop actionable safety plans and how to:  

  • Counter online violence and stay safe online  
  • Respond to war and civil conflicts  
  • Safeguard against arrests and government targeting  
  • Evacuate during climate and other emergencies  
  • Sustain mental health and well-being  

Vital Voices piloted and developed the Crisis Preparedness Program in close collaboration with Vital Voices network leaders through a series of focus groups and user testing. In 2024, Vital Voices is scaling the program to reach across the Vital Voices Global Network and beyond. 

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