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Türkiye/Syria: 2023 Earthquake, Situation Report No. 2

(UPDATED March 9, 2023)

Vital Voices is continuing to support 5 women-led agencies that are providing life-saving support to women and girls in Türkiye and Northwest Syria, impacted by the earthquakes and multiple aftershocks.

Women and girls continue to be the most impacted. Vital Voices is committed to supporting women and girls in times of #crisis, in Türkiye, Northwest Syria, across the region, and the globe.

View and download a copy of the full report.

Türkiye/Syria: 2023 Earthquake, Situation Report No. 1

This report is produced by the Vital Voices Crisis Response Team in equal collaboration with the Vital Voices Regional and Vital Voices Network partners. Download a PDF version of this report here.

As of 7 February, 2023

Situational Analysis

The devastating 7.8 earthquake in Türkiye and Syria is resulting in a critical deterioration of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Northwest Syria, with direct and disproportionate impacts on women and girls. The need for basic services, including shelter, food, and medical care — already at critical levels before the 6 February, 2023 earthquake — is escalating with local partners requesting immediate and urgent assistance.

More than 75 percent of Syrians struggled before the earthquake to meet basic needs, due to more than a decade of civil war, according to the United Nations. When the earthquake hit, more than 4.6 million people resided in Northwest Syria, including 2.9 million who were displaced from their homes. The majority of the internally displaced are women and children.

The death toll has surpassed 6,300 in Türkiye and Syria, according to Turkish government estimates, with time running out for additional rescues and the death toll expected to increase by the thousands.

In addition, the only designated border crossing between Syria and Türkiye approved by the United Nations is not functioning due to earthquake damage, which potentially hinders the ongoing international aid effort.

Vital Voices Response

Identifying and Assessing Gaps
Vital Voices is actively working with partners to identify means to deliver life-saving assistance to women and girls affected by the crisis, including food, shelter, plastic sheeting, and other items to protect against winter weather.

Reaching out to Partners

Vital Voices is activating its network of women leaders in the region to mobilize support to those impacted by the earthquake and address disproportionate impacts on women and girls.

Quick Stats

  • 23,000+ individuals injured
  • 6,000+ lives claimed


  • Following the initial 7.8 earthquake, another earthquake of 7.5 magnitude hit central Türkiye the same afternoon, causing further devastation.
  • The Syrian government bombed an opposition-held area of the country in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake, according to the UK government.
  • Immediate rescue efforts have commenced on the part of the Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, Syrian Civil Defense (the White Helmets), local organizations and numerous international partners.
  • As of 7 February, 14:00 EST, there are no international rescue teams on the ground to assist the White Helmets.
  • It has been confirmed that 5,500 buildings have fallen due to the earthquake in Türkiye. It is estimated that more than 11,000 buildings have fallen in total.
  • The brutal winter conditions in both Southeast Türkiye and Northwest Syria have caused residents to sleep outside in below freezing temperatures.
  • In Syria, many of those impacted by the earthquake are also displaced due to internal conflict. Of those, many have been displaced up to 20 times.
  • According to the International Rescue Committee, the health system in Syria is under resourced with only 59 percent of hospitals operational. Further exasperating the issue, the country is currently facing a major cholera outbreak.


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