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General Criteria

  • The following women qualify: 
    • A woman leader facing or responding to an acute threat 
    • Women leaders both inside and outside of the Vital Voices Global Network 
    • Women from any region of the world  


    Women Leaders within the network who are facing crisis are automatically eligible for support. Women outside of the network qualify for support if they meet the following criteria: 

    1. The woman leader is working on the advancement of others or her community 
    2. The incident or crisis directly impacts the woman leader’s work, safety, or well-being 
    3. The woman leader has a strong history documenting a long-term commitment to her work 
    4. The support addresses a clear and measurable barrier to the woman leader’s ability to advance her work 


Below is an overview of the assistance we provide.

Individual assistance

  • Small short-term funding for: 

Legal Support 

  • Funding to cover legal needs directly related to a crisis or recovery. 

Mental Health Support 

  • Funding to support a woman leader’s wellbeing during a crisis and recovery. Funds can be used to secure services in the country or through Vital Voices’ provider. 

Physical Health 

  • Funding to maintain and support a woman leader’s physical well-being during a crisis and recovery. Funds can be used to cover medical bills, essential medication and other health-related costs. 

Digital Security 

  • Funding to support increased safety or response to an online threat, including disinformation or acts of violence. Funding can be used for training on practices that improve online safety. 

Safety and Security 

  • Funding for a woman leader’s physical safety and security during a crisis and recovery. Funds can be used to cover things like relocation, security personnel, security cameras and alarms, and more. 


      • Funding to improve the overall well-being of women leaders so that she, her team, and/or organization are able to sustain continuity in all aspects of their safety and well-being.

Organizational Assistance

  • Small rapid grants to women-led local, regional, or other organizations supporting crisis preparedness or response, impacting women and girls.

To learn more and apply for funding, contact the Crisis Response Team via email at: 

To be considered for funding, please include the following information in your email: 

  • Country of impact 
  • Immediate needs/nature of request 
  • Support requested (including estimated costs) 
  • Relationship to Vital Voices (If any) 



The Freedom of Expression Initiative provides immediate, emergency assistance to women exercising their right to freedom of expression. The Initiative provides assistance to journalists, bloggers, activists, and others who are unsafe and subject to gender-based threats and violence. This Initiative is administered as part of the Voices Against Violence initiative. For more information on the Voices Against Violence Initiative, click here.