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René Marsh is an Emmy nominated CNN correspondent who has been writing and telling stories as a journalist for nearly two decades. René became determined to use her gift of writing as a vehicle to raise awareness and funding for pediatric cancer research after her late son, Blake, was diagnosed with brain cancer at 9 months old. René penned “The Miracle Workers: Boy vs. Beast” during the months spent in the hospital for Blake’s cancer treatments. All proceeds from this book will go to supporting pediatric brain cancer research. 

René read selections from “The Miracle Workers: Boy vs. Beast” in the 7th floor Diane von Furstenberg Skylounge, and personalized copies for the audience members. “I did not write this book to entertain… I wrote this book to solve a problem, and that problem is pediatric cancer,” René shared with the audience. René encouraged the audience to get involved in advocacy and raise awareness to increase legislation and federal funding.  

I consider pediatric cancer one of the world’s greatest challenges and women have to power to enact dynamic change. We all believe that things can be better, we all believe big problems can be solved. – René Marsh

To learn more about René’s journey to write this book, be sure to watch this interview: The Miracle Workers: Boy vs. Beast debuts on CNN’s New Day – YouTubeYou can follow @TheMiracleWorkersBook on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #themiracleworkersbook on social media.