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Violence against women is a global pandemic that cuts across ethnicity, race, class, religion, education level, and international borders. Gender-based violence (GBV) is violence that is directed at an individual based on his or her biological sex or gender identity and includes physical, sexual, and psychological abuse; threats; coercion; taking away someone’s right to make decisions; and economic deprivation, whether occurring in public or private life.   

In this panel, Vital Voices showcased the work of the Voices Against Violence Initiative, and highlighted how everyone has a role to play—from governments who need to pass laws, implement them, and hold perpetrators accountable; to NGOs who work on service provision and prevention efforts, to the private sector.  

It's a human issue. If we all lead together, we can do more for women around the world

Marina Pislakova

The panelists focused the discussion on men’s engagement in the prevention of GBV, and the noticeable increase in the number of cases. They noted that more needs to be done to strengthen women’s framework of human rights, with more global solidarity and to provide support to women’s activists around the world. Panelists further identified the critical importance of combating GBV and achieving gender equality as funding priorities in order to move the needle on these global issues.  

We heard from: 

  • Marina Pisklakova-Parker Director of Strategic Partnerships- (Association No to Violence) PhD
  • Katrina Fotovat -Senior Official- S/GWI
  • Mary Akrami, Executive Director, Afghan Skills Development Center
  • Gary Parker, Promundo 

To learn more about Voices Against Violence, visit VAV Fellowship – Vital Voices