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In this moment defined by so much violence and conflict, we are guided by the women leaders in our Global Network who sustain our values as a community and call for peace.

Vital Voices unequivocally condemns the ongoing violence and horrific atrocities against Israeli and Palestinian people, in particular those acts that target women and girls, violate humanitarian principles, and constitute human rights abuses. Our condemnation of these acts of violence is not contained by borders or affiliation.

We are calling for these immediate actions:

  • A humanitarian ceasefire and the safe release of all hostages.
  • Access for humanitarian actors into Gaza, including the United Nations, to provide aid to the most affected
  • Increase diplomatic efforts, with the full and equal participation of women, to find a sustainable political solution

Our Global Network, including Israeli and Palestinian women leaders, has been engaging in ongoing dialogue about the war in Israel and Gaza. We will continue to facilitate these critical dialogues and create space for women leaders to come together, build understanding, and explore pathways to peace.

Throughout history, we have seen countless examples of the transformative power of women’s leadership and solidarity in times of crisis. We firmly believe that women’s voices must be heard and women leaders must have a role in the peace-making process.

We will continue to amplify the voices of women leaders who are calling for peace, and share a joint statement sent by Israeli and Palestinian women, Liron and Noha. The two women met through Vital Voices 16 years ago, have dedicated their lives to building peace in the region, and have been our strong partners and members of our Global Network.

“Let’s raise the voice of humanity and call for stopping this senseless bloodshed, for releasing all civilians and putting all the money coming from all over the world in the right investment — which is peace and a fair solution to this ongoing conflict.”

“May peace and love prevail over the holy land and all its surroundings soon.”

We thank Liron and Noha for their courage and solidarity. They are proof of the power of women leaders, especially in the darkest moments, when progress seems impossible.

You can read statements from Noha and Liron here.

Perspectives from Two Network Women on the War in Israel and Gaza