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Our Global Network, including Israeli and Palestinian women leaders, has been engaging in ongoing dialogue about the war in Israel and Gaza. Below are statements sent by Israeli and Palestinian women, Liron and Noha. The two women met through Vital Voices 16 years ago, have dedicated their lives to building peace in the region, and have been our strong partners and members of our Global Network.


As a member of this great network through the years I learned great lessons for life. One main lesson was stand up and raise your voice!

In these horrible days and nights living in the holy land is not a big blessing unfortunately. Watching the media on both sides, the Israeli and Palestinian, is heartbreaking and horrifying.

I want to raise my voice through our network — the voice of a woman, the voice of a mother and most importantly the voice of a human being: PLEASE PLEASE stop all this now. Stop this war!

Killing of more children, women civilians and innocent people will not bring peace to anyone, it will continue feeding the monster of hate, revenge and racism on both sides.

It is not the time of exams on which side you are, it’s time for one and only one choice: HUMANITY.


Since October 7th my heart is broken, my soul is taken.

Over the last 25 years I have been working in the field of peace building, of building bridges and dialogue, of bringing women and communities together so this place will be better to everyone. But on October 7th, the atrocities made me feel voiceless in the face of all the pain, horror and violence.

I feel the need to heal and recover. I will forever believe in humanity, in the need for a solution to our area, for the right to life for everyone. My heart goes to civilians, women and babies who just want to live!