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Vital Voices Network Leaders Launch Sexual Assault Resource

Vital Voices Global Partnership is urging  you to “sign the pledge” in support of sexual assault survivors, to raise awareness and invite shared responsibility in ensuring that every student receives an education free from sexual assault. The initiative is part of I Have the Right To, a non-profit cofounded by Vital Voices Network Leader Chessy Prout and her parents, Susan Prout, a Vital Voices Council Member and Alex Prout, a Voices of Solidarity Awardee.

Chessy Prout (featured in Vital Voices 100 Women Using their Power to Empower) is a high school sexual-assault survivor. Raised in Japan, Chessy matriculated to St. Paul’s School—a boarding school in New Hampshire that her father and sister attended. There, as a freshman, Chessy was the victim of a sexual assault. Chessy’s case and eventual trial garnered national and international media attention, as her assault was part of a ritual competition at the school called the “Senior Salute.” Two years later, in Chessy’s pursuit for justice, she decided to step forward publicly in August of 2016 to create the I Have the Right To organization and write a book of the same name about her experiences.