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Council Members

Ashley E. Davis, Founder & Partner, West Front Strategies

Dr. Jean Baderschneider, Chair of the Board of Directors and CEO, Global Fund to End Modern Slavery

DeeDee Fisher, Communication Director, Discover Response

Diana Léon Brown, Director of Strategic Partnerships for the County Executive Office of Prince George’s County

Donna McLarty, Co-Founder and Chair Emeritus, Vital Voices Global Partnership 

Emily Coyle, Principal,

Gina Worthey, Business Instructor,

Jocelyn Lederman, Realtor, Compass

Kate Boyce-Reeder, President, KRBR Consulting LLC

LaJuanna Russell, President, Business Management Associates

Laura Evans Manatos, President and Founder of Laura Evans Media

Lindsay Lassman, Political and Philanthropic Advisor

Lauren Sapolsky, Deputy Director of Events for the Atlantic Council

Loren Bushkar, Innovation Policy, Federal Reserve Board (not official capacity) 

Marlene Malek, Vice Chair and Co-Founder, Friends of Cancer Research

Micah Chi, Sr. Marketing Manager, Charles Schwab

Regina Hopper, Partner,

Sarva Rajendra, President and Executive Director, Sahasra Deepika Foundation for Education

Sheila Rabaut, Founder, Rabaut Family Foundation

Stephanie Eidelman,

Susan Prout, Co-Founder, I Have The Right To, Inc.

Theresa Loar, Senior Advisor, Business for Social Responsibility 

Tu Rinsche, Director of Social Responsibility, Marriott International Inc.