Bringing together women leaders who are daring to curb the tide of human trafficking around the world.

Capitalizing on the leadership and expertise of international leaders in the Vital Voices network, the Global Freedom Exchange (GFE), a Hilton and Vital Voices partnership, with additional support from the Avon Foundation for Women, leverages leadership to end sex and labor trafficking. Relying on a multi-faceted, impact-oriented approach, the program provides a dynamic educational and mentoring opportunity for emerging and established women leaders who are on the forefront of global efforts to prevent and respond to the destructive crime of human trafficking.

Each year, the GFE convenes a select group of women leaders from countries around the world, known as GFE Fellows. Over the past six years, the GFE has involved a total of 126 women leaders from 50 countries in a two-week experiential, interactive, learning and networking program in three cities in the United States that have developed unique, effective approaches to addressing human trafficking.


Following the conclusion of the program, GFE Fellows leverage the knowledge and networks they gain during their Fellowship experience to enact positive change in their own communities and regions. GFE Fellows all over the world use the tools and connections to offer comprehensive services to survivors, reduce vulnerability to trafficking, hold perpetrators accountable, and contribute to a worldwide network of anti-trafficking leaders who are creating a safer world for us all.

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