Bringing together women leaders who are daring to curb the tide of human trafficking around the world.

Capitalizing on the leadership and expertise of international leaders in the Vital Voices network, the Global Freedom Exchange (GFE), A Hilton Worldwide and Vital Voices partnership, leverages leadership to end trafficking. Relying on a multi-faceted, impact-oriented approach, the program provides a dynamic educational and mentoring opportunity for emerging women leaders who are on the forefront of global efforts to prevent and respond to the destructive crime of child trafficking.

Each year, the GFE convenes a select group of between 15-25 women leaders from countries around the world. Over the past four years, the GFE has involved a total of 87 women leaders from 38 countries in the two-week experiential, interactive, learning and networking program in the United States that have developed unique, effective approaches to addressing human trafficking.

GFE participants, known as GFE Fellows, leverage the knowledge and networks gained from this program to enact positive change in their own communities and regions. Five GFE Fellows are selected each year to receive small grants to implement projects that build on the program’s mission to end child sex trafficking around the world.  

GFE Fellows all over the world use the tools and connections they obtained during their Fellowship experience to offer comprehensive services to survivors, reduce vulnerability to trafficking, hold perpetrators accountable, and to create a worldwide network of anti-trafficking leaders who are creating a safer world for vulnerable youth.

Meet the 2017 Fellows

Anne Abok

Founder & Executive Director, Media Campaign Against Human Trafficking

South Africa

Nancy Edith Alarcón Moreno

CEO and Legal Representative, Tamar Corporation


Ovsanna Babayan

Project Coordinator, International Labour Organization, Office in Yerevan


Melanie Doucakis

UK Office Manager, Child Soldiers International

United Kingdom

Mira Faddoul

Child Protection Program Officer, KAFA Violence & Exploitation


Mariana Wenzel González

CEO and Co-founder, ANTHUS A.C. (National Association against Human Trafficking in the Society)


Racha Haffar

Founder & President, Not4trade


Ruth Evon Idahosa

Founder & Executive Director, Pathfinders Justice Initiative, Inc.


Sirjana Kafle

Consultant, Shakti Samuha and Freelance Consultant for the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children


Kalvir Kaur

Solicitor, Anti Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit

United Kingdom

Vera Lupu

| Founder & Lawyer, NGO Women for the Contemporary Society


Annika Mack

Advocate Mentor


Theresa Nkemawung Morfaw Fonjia

Group Delegate, Youth for Change and Empowerment


Lalitha Shedigar Achyutha Nayak

Project Manager, SMS Center and Vice-President, Society for Participatory Integrated Development


Binui Belinda Ngu

Magistrate and Prosecutor, Center for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy


Nattakarn Noree

Senior Social Worker & Director of Aftercare, A21


Fitri Noviana

Down to Zero Program Manager, ECPAT Indonesia


Habiba Osman

Specialist for the Elimination of Violence against Women and Girls, UN Women


Clydie Pasia

Education, Training and Organizational Development Officer, Coalition Against Trafficking in Women – Asia Pacific


Brikena Puka

Executive Director, Vatra


Chari Maya Tamang

Founder Member and Programme Coordinator, Shakti Samuha


Melissa Torres

Director of Human Trafficking Research Portfolio, Institute on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, University of Texas at Austin


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