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As a leader in sustainable design, Heidi Bonilla de Cienfuegos finds inspiration in her love of nature and her belief that we can all live in balance with nature. Through her company, B100arquitectos, she helps businesses ensure the health and wellbeing of their clients, while also helping to reduce the negative environmental impact of the activities and buildings’ operations.  

Heidi founded B100arquitectos to empower companies, institutions, NGOs, and individuals with solutions that embody the environmental, economic, and social pillars of sustainability. B100arquitectos offers a sustainable design consulting service, as well as advisory in sustainable construction certification processes, like LEED, the Living Building Challenge, and WELL.  

Through the company’s work with communities and the local government in San Salvador, B100arquitectos has reshaped the voluntary local regulation for sustainable construction in the city – a big step forward toward more resilient, healthy, and sustainable projects for all. 

Heidi feels a strong responsibility as a woman leader in the predominantly male field of construction and looks to encourage more women to join her in the field, as well as inspire those working in the field already to take the lead on sustainable development projects. Just this year, Heidi celebrated the graduation of the first Women to Work cohort, a workshop organized by B100arquitectos to train women in sustainable construction. Despite obstacles like the COVID-19 pandemic, Heidi’s team was able to deliver all planned modules and provide the cohort with sustainable building skills and new opportunities to provide for their families. 

Heidi directs her goals toward achieving truly sustainable and regenerative projects with an impact. Looking toward the future, she sees B100arquitectos achieving greater influence as building developers, expanding digital service operations to reach more people, and launching an educational portal for sustainability in everyday life. 

Heidi was a part of the 2020 VV GROW Fellowship and participated in the Vital Voices 2020 Virtual Gatherings.  

Learn more about Heidi and her purpose-driven business: 

Facebook: B100arquitectos
LinkedIn: B100arquitectos
Twitter: @b100arquitectos
Instagram: @b100arquitectos

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