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In the aftermath of catastrophic flooding in Libya, killing over 5,000 people and sweeping entire neighborhoods into the sea, Vital Voices is mobilizing to support its network of women leaders and advocating for a robust international response. The flooding in Libya caused by the failure of two dams is widely regarded as an indicator of the country’s declining infrastructure, political divisions, and general instability.
The flooding has created a new humanitarian crisis amid an already fragile context, particularly for women and girls. In addition, the death toll is expected to climb, with 10,000 individuals unaccounted for, according to official estimates.

In response, Vital Voices is urging these immediate actions: 

  • Financial support to first responders and local community-based organizations 
  • Support for a robust international response, prioritizing funding for humanitarian appeals.  

In the coming hours and days, Vital Voices will be working with its partners in Libya and the region to support women leaders who are on the frontlines of the response, particularly at the community level. In the initial timing of a disaster, community leaders are frequently the first line of aid for those most in need.

To hear more from our local partner, Nazra for Feminist Studies, on the importance of advocating a gendered response to the crisis, see the attached PDF.