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Checking in with the brave and inspiring women in our Global Leadership Network. Take a look at what they’re up to:

Asmahan Ilian | VV GROW Fellow, Palestine

“I was selected by Ministry of Women Affairs to represent Jerusalem in a documentary film that was presented at the UN in New York. The film got great feedback and support for Palestinian women’s participation in economic [reforms] and a decision in the UN was taken accordingly to help empowering Palestinian Women… It is worth mentioning that since finishing VV GROW, I trained 250 women last year and around 100 since January 2017. All credit goes to VV.”

Khadija Janati | VV GROW Fellow, Morocco

Khadija has been asked to be one of eight Co-Chair’s at the next World Economic Forum’s MENA regional roundtable, making her the first Co-Chair from Morocco. You can read about it here.

Boom Bean | Global Freedom Exchange Fellow, Thailand

Boom Bean just partnered with the Royal Thai Police to open the 2nd Child Advocacy Center (CAC) in Thailand! Boom opened the first CAC in Asia in Chiang Mai after visiting the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center during the 2014 Global Freedom Exchange program. The new CAC is located in Pattaya which was also the site of a Vital Voices Justice Institute on Internet Facilitated Trafficking in Thailand. Learn more about Boom’s organization, The HUG Project.


Habiba Ali | VV GROW Fellow, Nigeria

Habiba Ali recently spoke at the UN CSW panel hosted by U.S. Chamber of Commerce on her entrepreneurship experience.