Promoting Human Rights and Ending Gender-based violence

Vital Voices works to encourage and amplify collaborative, survivor-centered solutions

to prevent and address GBV, and build a safer world for us all.

It’s estimated that worldwide, gender-based violence (GBV) impacts 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men in their lifetime. Gender-based violence limits, and in many cases prevents, individuals from achieving their full leadership potential in all areas of society, with devastating reverberations on communities across the world.

Our team works to ensure victims and survivors of GBV and related forms of violence and exploitation around the world have better access to the services, protection, and justice they deserve. By investing in leaders who strengthen the design and implementation of legal frameworks, provide critical services to survivors, and improve cross-sector coordination around preventing and addressing GBV, the Human Rights team at Vital Voices is chipping away at the greatest unfinished business of our time: ending gender-based violence around the world.

Our Human Rights work is focused on elevating survivor-centered, intersectional, inclusive and trauma-informed practices to prevent, respond to and address GBV around the world. The Human Rights programs at Vital Voices work with people to provide urgent, life-saving assistance in the aftermath of violence; enhance the capacity of survivor and survivor-supportive organizations to design and implement inclusive, locally-based solutions; equip women leaders and their allies with the tools needed to scale their impact in the space; and improve coordination and collaboration around preventing and addressing GBV globally.


Our Human Rights programs include: