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Nina Volontey

2018 Fellow

Psychologist, SafeHouse Foundation


Nina Volontey is a psychologist and coach at SafeHouse Foundation in Russia. Since 2013, she has held consultations as a psychotherapist and psychologist for survivors of human trafficking, children from troubled families, and institutionalized children. She has also served as a coach for programs related to the prevention of human trafficking at SafeHouse Foundation. Nina has provided trainings for vulnerable youth groups such as orphans, street children, and homeless children who are often victims of human trafficking and other forms of violence with the aim of equipping them with simple tools to avoid human trafficking situations, protect themselves, and develop their leadership potential.


Nina is also a coach in a program that took place around the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. The program helped to raise awareness of NGOs, psychologists, social workers, representatives of state structures, initiative groups and activists in the field of preventing human trafficking with the aim of organizing preventive work in the regions, as well as identifying and referring victims of trafficking during the World Cup 2018 in Russia. Previously, Nina worked at the International Organization for Migration on a project that provided legal and social support to vulnerable populations, including victims of trafficking. As a psychologist, she routinely holds consultations and workshops with vulnerable groups of people and victims of violence.


Nina was selected as a 2018 Global Freedom Exchange Fellow.