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Francisca Mbuli

2018 Fellow

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Survivors' Network Cameroon


Awah Francisca Mbuli is a survivor of human trafficking and modern slavery who serves as the founder and CEO of the survivor-led anti-trafficking organization Survivors’ Network (SN) Cameroon. She has implemented numerous strategies to prevent forced labor within vulnerable communities in Cameroon. Her work is centered on a commitment to raising awareness throughout the country and around the world in partnership with media outlets and international organizations.


Francisca’s innovative programs focus on economically empowering women who are survivors of human trafficking. Among other accomplishments, she has helped rescue and reintegrate 28 female victims of human trafficking from the Gulf Corporation States to their respective Sub-Saharan African home countries. Her work has been recognized both nationally and internationally; most recently, she was awarded a 2018 TIP Hero Award from the U.S. Department of State.


Francisca was selected as a 2018 Global Freedom Exchange Fellow.