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Bergeline Domou

2018 Fellow

General Secretary of International Relations and the Diaspora, Cameroon People's Party


Bergeline is an activist in Cameroon with over 22 years of experience of fighting for democracy, human rights and good governance. In addition to her work with the Cameroon People’s Party, she is a consultant, trainer, and facilitator for development organizations and private enterprises with the firm STRATEGIES!. Her work focuses on three key areas: politicalaction, community activism, and defense of other activists.

As a leader of the Cameroon People’s Party, she is actively engaged in mobilizing Cameroonians, especially women and youth, for political and non-violent action to rebuild the foundation of Cameroon and its institutions. This includes political education, training and organizing political activists, and carrying out non-violent action campaigns. Some of the key objectives she works on include a national dialogue to enable Cameroonians to confront their colonial past, and the reform of key institutions such as the electoral system.

As a community activist, Bergeline is involved in campaigns that inform citizens of their basic rights and help mobilize and organize them to obtain basic services that Cameroon has not been able to provide. In addition, political and human rights activists often find themselves in danger in Cameroon. Bergeline is a human rights defender who always stands up when politicians, journalists, writers and activists, especially women, are in danger or have been illegally arrested or imprisoned.

Bergeline promotes engagement with literature through SAMBE, Societe des Amis de Mongo Beti, an organization that studies and honors the literature of the great Cameroonian writer Mongo Beti. Finally, she was a Vital Voices VVLead Fellow in 2015.


She was selected as a Fellow for the first VV Engage Cohort.