A Partnership between Vital Voices and POND'S

Dare to change the world.

Vital Voices has partnered with POND’S in our new initiative to inspire and strengthen the women of the world who dare to apply innovative and value-driven approaches to tackle social, human rights and environmental challenges at all levels of society. Our organization is charting a new course for women’s leadership, and this groundbreaking fellowship will connect, provide training for and give visibility to over 50 extraordinary women who lead NGOs and companies around the world.

The Fellowship will draw its curriculum from the Vital Voices Leadership Model as well as a customized suite of training modules that focus on building skills, knowledge and capacity in leadership, management, and ultimately, on implementing a new vision for leadership that highlights the strength of leaders to engage others and shift culture through soft values. Through the 21-month fellowship cycle, we aim to help participants:

  • Have the vision, skills and tools to be more effective leaders
  • Understand and practice value-driven leadership in their day-to-day lives
  • Inspire and teach others about the importance and power of women’s leadership and “paying it forward”
  • Internalize and apply these values in their moments of choice
  • Have a framework through which to dissect situational moments of conflict, growth and leadership

The fellows will walk away having experienced:

  • Powerful professional relationships and collaborations with like-minded, visionary women
  • In-person summits and interactive online training courses
  • A deepened and refined vision for change
  • Investment in building of skills, knowledge and capacity in leadership, management, and more




Bringing together global change-makers to ignite a new movement in women's leadership.