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Our final morning opened with an informative session with Raja Hiyari from Partners for Democratic Change in Jordan as she discussed an advocacy campaign for an NGO law in Jordan.  Following her presentation, the Policy Advocates delegation from Egypt spoke about their individual experiences as activists on the front lines of the January 25th Revolution, as students involved in political campaigns, and as average citizens who desperately wanted change for their country.  Several of the women mentioned that they now walk differently as a result of the Revolution and are proud to be Egyptian!

After lunch, the teams put the final touches on their advocacy plans and we were thrilled to be joined by MEPI Director Karen Volker and U.S. Embassy Cultural Attache Jeffrey Loree for the team presentations.  The teams presented their goals and the steps they would take to implement their campaigns over the next twelve months, with truly inspirational ideas to impact the lives of women in their countries.  Director Volker congratulated all of the teams on their plans and encouraged them to seek local MEPI funding to strengthen their campaigns.

The workshop ended with a closing reception, where we were joined by additional U.S. Embassy officials.  The teams left Jordan excited to begin their campaigns and ready to be agents of change in their communities.