Policy Advocates

Policy Advocates

Starting in 2010, the Policy Advocates for Women’s Issues in the MENA Region program brought together representatives of the public and private sectors and civil society to embark on campaigns to improve the lives of women in their home countries.

The program includes teams from Tunisia, Kuwait, Yemen, Oman, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan and the UAE trained on advocacy, teambuilding, social media and program management. This training empowers teams to create action plans for advocacy on women’s issues. Each campaign is unique; teams independently create campaigns that will affect policy, procedural or legislative decisions in their home countries, based on what they believe is crucial for women in their communities.

"People are more open now," says participant Khadija Sarhi, from Yemen. "We don’t know how far we will get with this, but it is the best time for us to talk about our struggle."

Over the last two years, Vital Voices has worked closely with each of the teams to strategically plan and implement their advocacy campaigns. With the technical and financial support of Vital Voices and the U.S. Department of State Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), each of the country teams embarked on their own journey to make change in their communities.

Vital Voices has published a report documenting these campaigns as unique case studies. These case studies tell the stories of each of those teams, highlighting the unique political and social implications within the MENA region and showcasing the amazing achievements, as well as the real challenges, each team has faced. 

Download a copy of all the case studies: 

The Journey Through Transition in EnglishFrench or Arabic or by country.


Download a copy of our Advocacy and Public-Private Dialogue Toolkit

(also available in Arabic and French).




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