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Lara Ayoub – News Director, Jordan

1. Were women’s roles in the Arab Spring more or less meaningful than men’s roles?

Women played an essential role in the Arab Spring that was as important as the role of the men; however, in a region that has always been known to be male dominant, that equivalent role had much more meaning. This had a huge impact on the overall international perception and credibility of the uprising. 


2. Have the revolts of the Arab Spring improved the position of women’s rights in the region?

For sure, her role in the Arab Spring forced the respect and acknowledgement of her rights within transformed/reformed countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen, and the entire region as well. However, women need to continue playing their vital, visible roles in the development of their communities, as the current transformations happening may compromise her rights. 


3. How can the women of the Arab Spring turn this activism into long-term/sustainable gains? 

By continuing to voice their opinions and playing their essential roles in their communities on a social, economical and political level, without accepting any compromises, women today can demonstrate that they are an active 50% of the population and will always have 50% of the say. 


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