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Wellbeing Voices Offers Women Leaders Time to Recharge

May 2019 – The first VV Wellbeing Voices program, a new initiative from VV Europe, welcomed seven Vital Voices women leaders from all over the world to Ibiza, Spain from May 5-11, 2019! The program provided another level of support to VV leaders around wellbeing, fitness, meditation, nutrition and health, offering the time and supportive environment to recharge, replenish and continue to move forward with the work that they undertake in and for their communities.

The program was carefully crafted in partnership with Ibiza Retreats, a leading provider of wellbeing programs and retreats for women. The program both equipped participants with critical tools to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of participants, and allowed time for  bonding, brainstorming, and community-building to build stronger ties among participants.

The women were joined by VV President and CEO Alyse Nelson, VV Board Member and European co-chair Sagra Maceira De Rosen and VVEurope board member, Silje Augustson, as well as several members of the European Leadership Council participated in the program.