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What happens when you join a group of women who are committed to building successful businesses, supporting each other and impacting people in their community? The power of possibility. During the past six months, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing trainers and meet outstanding business women from around the world. As an entrepreneur, I’m inspired to think bigger and more long term when it comes to global impact.

I am founder and CEO of DRT Communications, a leading communications agency in the Caribbean, and these are a few of the lessons VV GROW has been teaching me about myself and my business. 

Be SMART & Strategic

As a creative leader, ideas come to me easily. What is more difficult is the “how.” Before I started this fellowship, I felt like my business had reached a plateau; I knew it needed to grow, but I was not sure where or how. The VV GROW online training helped me to determine the “what” and “where” for my business growth, and my time in Argentina answered the “how.” 

Participating in a partner training activity at the VV GROW in-person training in Argentina. 

VV GROW called me to a higher level of goal setting, ensuring that each goal and each action item was specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. As a result of this program, the innovative team at DRT Communications has started offering a new business line, Global Media Monitoring Services, to our regional clients. We have also decided to expand our current communications offerings to global NGO’s and multi-laterals.

My goal is that 60% of our work will provide communications for projects aimed at developing and enhancing the lives of people within their communities.

My Leadership Journey

The sessions on leadership showed me who I am, what drives me and what holds me back. I had the opportunity to look at my personal strengths as a business leader and determine how each one can work for or against me. This also allowed me to look at my team and see their strengths and weaknesses too. This view into the human strengths of DRT Communications helped me celebrate all that we have as a team and also to see where exactly where we need additional support. 

Be ON your business and not IN your business

Creating my action plan was where it all came together.  During the training, we learned how to create defined, measurable and timely goals while putting our fears of marketing and finance aside.  Creating an action plan in line with our business missions cemented the next step. Being away from our day-to-day responsibilities and focusing on our goals, provided the opportunity to be ON our business rather than trapped inside it. Thanks to our training team, we now know that we can’t do it all and shouldn’t try.

So we are off! 21 fellows ready to take on the world, but not alone. We are armed with training and tools, but most importantly we are armed with each other. I have no doubt in my mind that within 5 years I will read about many of the women in this program doing amazing things with their businesses while also building their communities, countries and regions.

I have no doubt of the power of possibility that now resides in all of us.