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Human rights activist Neysara talked about the unique impact COVID-19 has on people who are transgender in India.

Voices of Resilience: A Conversation with Neysara

June 2020 – Neysara is a human rights activist and founder of Transgender India, which helps empower thousands transgender people across India so that they can make more informed decisions to avoid human trafficking and exploitation. Neysara also founded the first-ever trans-specific online forum – TALK – where transgender people can come together to discuss gender, life, and transitioning in a safe and supported space.

VVEngage Fellow and VV100 woman leader Neysara joined Vital Voices President and CEO Alyse Nelson on the Voices of Resilience Podcast to discuss the unique impact Covid-19 has on people who are transgender in India. From restricting access to essential medication to cancelled and paused transition surgeries and being forced into lockdown with unsupportive families – the transgender population in India are undergoing multiple crises at once. Neysara shares her perspective about the fight that transgender people face to be considered human by their governments and families, and offers guidance on what people everywhere can do to support the transgender community.


Listen to her episode here: