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Prince Georges’ African-American Museum Interim Director Jessica Smith Hebron joined the podcast for a special Juneteenth episode to talk about the holiday, its history and the freedom it stands and calls for.

Voices of Resilience: A Conversation with Jessica Smith Hebron

June 2020- Jessica Smith Hebron is Interim Executive Director of the Prince Georges’ African-American Museum in Maryland. Jessica was the first curriculum developer, writer and teacher of Prince Georges’ African-American early childhood education curriculum, and she focuses on making Black education fun and accessible, while also being accurate and representative. Also known by her stage name “Culture Queen,” she’s owned and operated her own company Culture Kingdom Kids, LLC, bringing education to the stage.

Jessica joined Vital Voices President and CEO Alyse Nelson on a special Juneteenth episode to talk about what the holiday stands for, what it marks and its importance. The two discuss why teaching our children to be anti-racist must start at an early age, and why we should be holding changemakers accountable for real actions instead of symbolic gestures.

Listen to her episode here: