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Social justice activist Jamira Burley discussed the Black Lives Matter movement protests following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many more. Listen to her perspective from the frontlines of change.

Voices of Resilience: A Conversation with Jamira Burley

June 2020- Jamira Burley is a longtime Vital Voices network member and former Global Leadership Awards honoree. She’s an internationally recognized social justice advocate, youth activist, speaker and the Founder of GenYNOT. Jamira has consulted and shared experience on issues ranging from youth engagement, education reform, global citizenship, corporate social responsibility, gun violence prevention and criminal justice reform.

In the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and so many more, Jamira joined the podcast to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and the reckoning and discussion in America and around the world of racist systems, structures and history. She chatted with Vital Voices President and CEO Alyse Nelson about calls for re-evaluating police systems, how this moment of outrage and action feels different than others, and how allies can listen to, elevate and support the movement. They also dive into what protestors and organizers are asking for regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and anti-racist actions, how protestors can practice self-care and how to counter misinformation about the movement.

Listen to her episode here: