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A message from Vital Voices President and CEO Alyse Nelson in response to COVID-19.

March 2020 –  This week, I’ve been reaching out to the women leaders we work with around the world to see how we can support them in the wake of the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis. We know that globally women make up the vast majority of frontline healthcare workers and care-takers. And we’ve seen that women bear a disproportionate burden in times of crisis.

But the overwhelming response I received was not about individual needs — the leaders we support want to find ways to support others.

The truth is, I wasn’t surprised. After all, leadership instincts like this are precisely why, over the past 23 years, we’ve proudly stood with women leaders. Even in their darkest hour, when their lives and livelihoods are at risk, they focus on how they can be a bright light for others. We’ve always known that women lead differently – with empathy and a deep sense of purpose. They understand that to truly address crises, we must put differences aside and cross lines that divide. And they bring forth bold, unthinkable solutions to tackle seemingly insurmountable challenges. I truly believe that it is this kind of leadership that is needed in our world, now more than ever.

Today’s technology affords us an invaluable opportunity to connect, even in difficult times like these. As our team at Vital Voices works remotely, we are fueled by the courageous leadership we see from the women in our network.

We want to bring their voices, ideas, solutions and solidarity from around the world to you.

We’ve launched a new series: Voices of Resilience, featuring leaders across industries and cultures, each sharing unique insights into how they deal with crisis, how they motivate themselves and their teams and stay focused on the larger goal, and where they find the strength and courage to persevere. Tune in below.

We will get through this unsettling time. But we will not do it alone.

Take care of yourselves and one another.

In Solidarity,

Alyse Nelson