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March 2021 – At Vital Voices, we condemn  anti-Asian racism and hate crimes against the Asian community across the country. Though there has been a rise in these crimes over the last year, racism against the AAPI community did not start with COVID-19 – these acts are rooted in the systems of harm that enable and are built on white supremacy. These crimes are a direct result of systemic racism, and shine a harsh light on the work we must all do to address discrimination and hate in every sphere towards people of color.

In solidarity with the Asian community, Vital Voices recognizes the disproportionate impact of racism on Asian women, who are victims of 68% of the nearly 3,800 recently reported racist incidents in the United States. The latest targeted murders committed in Atlanta also uncover the vulnerability of the most marginalized and the critical importance of seeking justice and safety for all women and people. A more just and equitable country includes addressing anti-Asian racism and violence.