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The Justice Forum Focused on Addressing GBV in Florence’s LGBTQ+ Community

The Justice Forum Focused on Addressing GBV in Florence’s LGBTQ+ Community

October 2019 – Vital Voices joined Gucci’s Chime for Change Initiative to facilitate a forum and strategy-building session in Florence, Italy.


The two groups convened local participants from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and disciplines including criminal justice professionals, gender-based violence (GBV) service providers, LGBTQ+ rights organizations, and university representatives to address GBV among youth and the LGBTQ+ community in Florence.



Throughout the Forum, participants discussed and developed strategies for strengthening coordinated community responses to GBV in Florence. The group specifically focused on engaging and responding to challenges faced by youth and the LGBTQ+ community as marginalized and historically underserved groups.


Through a combination of interactive activities and facilitated discussions, participants tackled specific topics such as violence against LGBTQ+ youth, technology-facilitated GBV, and sexual assault among college- and high school-age youth. The group also passionately discussed appropriate terminology, treatment and interaction with members of the LGBTQ+ community, discussing ways, for example, to properly use gendered or non-gendered pronouns so that interactions are respectful no matter the case. Summed up well by Judge Beatrice Giunti attending the Forum: “Basta chiedere!” (“you just have to ask.”)


This Forum is part of Chime for Change’s larger commitment to build the next generation of leaders and create a more equitable world. Learn more about their efforts here.