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On November 16, Vital Voices and Diane von Furstenberg presented Vital Voices’ Global Leadership Award Honoree Chouchou Namegabe of the Democratic Republic of Congo at a luncheon in the DVF Studio in New York City. Chouchou spoke on the current crisis in the Congo, especially regarding the devastating effects of the ongoing conflict over women’s rights and security. The well-attended event included business executives, human rights advocates, and broadcast journalists including Diane SawyeråŹand Robin Roberts fromåŹGood Morning America; Ann Moore, President of Time Inc; fashion designer, Dana Buchman and actor, Lorraine Bracco.åŹSeveral attendees, inspired by Chouchou, offered their support in the form of generous donations of time and resources,åŹand funds, including offers to host future events andåŹto travel with our programs as speakers, trainers, or corporate ambassadors.