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The Global Ambassadors Program is four months old today, and it is simply astonishing to think about all we’ve packed into just a few short months. After, we held the inaugural program in Haiti and launched the program in New York at Women in the World; we have been working to further develop the National Women’s Platform for Haiti; AND we’ve been busy planning the next three trips to Cape Town, South Africa; Mumbai, India; and Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Snapshot – Post-Haiti:

Vital Voices continues to support Danielle Saint-LĢ«t and Femmes en DĢ©mocratie as they further refine the Platform. Danielle has conducted several high-level meetings with Haitian government officials, including incoming Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, who was confirmed by Parliament on May 16.

Danielle’s mentor, Justine Metz, is leveraging her expertise in developing marketing and communications strategies to mentor Danielle in developing a campaign to promote the implementation of the Platform. Justine and Danielle are currently working together on reaching out to various audiences and promotion.

In April, Rachel Coupaud began serving as Minister Counselor (Charge d’Affairs) at the Haitian Embassy in Taiwan. She had an extended network upon arriving in Tawain because her mentor, Connie Morella, put Rachel in touch with her friends and contacts. 

Mimose Felix was appointed Minister for the Promotion of Rural Farmers by the Prime Minister Lamothe, who also appointed seven women to Cabinet positions (out of 22 total). This is the first time that seven women have served as Ministers at the same time in the Haitian government!

Maria Bello spoke at the U.S. Department of State’s “Global Impact Economy Forum” on April 27. In her keynote speech, she referenced Secretary Clinton and Ambassadors Verveer’s “trailblazing dedication to Vital Voices” and empowering women all over the world. She also talked about the quintessential support that Bank of America and Vital Voices provided during the Haiti program to finalizing the Platform.

More on the Haiti Program:

“The Platform that was developed is a blueprint for action,” wrote Stephenie Foster, international expert on politics and policy and facilitator of the Platform’s working conference. Her perceptions of the historic event were published by the Huffington Post. Mu Sochua and Susan Davis also used their blogs to give an insider’s view of the Global Ambassadors experience. 

On the Horizon:

Cape Town, South Africa is next! From June 25 to 30, we will convene the Global Ambassadors and over two dozen members of the Global Leadership Network to produce a global strategy to mobilize women leaders to take action in their own communities while advancing the global dialogue around the women’s leadership agenda. A revamped Global Ambassadors Program website will launch during the Cape Town trip, so stay tuned!

Ashley Chandler is the senior manager of the Global Ambassadors Program.