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This Sunday, we’ll be watching closely as presidential elections take place in Cameroon.

Vital Voices Leadership in Public Life Award honoree Kah Walla is one of the first women candidates for presidency in her country.

With less than 72 hours before the election, I reached out to Kah to wish her well and share the support of our network – she responded with a clear message, one that she’s repeated often throughout her campaign: “The Time is Now!”

Since gaining independence in 1960, Cameroon has seen just two presidents, including current president and candidate for reelection, Paul Biya, who has served as head of state for 29 years.

It’s our sincere hope that we will see a free, fair and peaceful election this Sunday. Our global network stands with Kah, who is courageously standing up for democratic and peaceful reform. 

After having endured constant harassment, and even being abducted briefly in May, Kah knows better than anyone that leadership involves risk – it can be lonely and dangerous. We stand behind Kah and support her right to run; in choosing to stand for office as one of the first women candidates for national presidency, Kah has made it more likely that other women will follow in her steps.

Congratulations to Kah on all that she’s already achieved – we’ll be watching this Sunday and wish you the best!

Follow the election this weekend through Global Voices’ collaboration with Google: Cameroon Elections 2011