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Project Overview

The Documentarian Project was developed in 2014 to gain a deeper understanding of how the VVLead Fellowship Program influenced its fellows’ leadership trajectories, as well as to explore program outcomes through a descriptive and contextual lens. To capture a diversity of voices and perspectives, VVLead utilized a participatory evaluation approach that resulted in 36 individual case studies. 


Some Detials 

The Documentarian Project aligned with the overall VVLead practice of building the capacity of fellows for their long-term professional and leadership development. Throughout the year, Documentarians were trained in qualitative methods and then asked to produce case studies capturing the fellowship’s contribution to the learnings, connections and collaborative efforts of their VVLead peers. Simultaneously, the VVLead team produced case studies on 13 of these Documentarians, also seeking to capture their individual stories, get greater clarity on their leadership trajectories and identify outcomes of the fellowship program. The case study project sought to respond to the following evaluation questions:


Evaltuation questions

åį         Leadership evolution: What is the fellow’s personal history that resulted in her current leadership role and trajectory?

åį         Challenges and needs: What are the constraints the fellow faces in leading change? What are her needs as a leader?

åį         Outcomes: How has the VVLead Fellowship influenced the fellow and her vehicle for change?


The Final Report

This final report is a compilation of 18 case studies written by both VVLead staff and Documentarians, followed by Limitations and Lessons Learned sections, and finally, a conclusion that highlights major program outcomes identified through The Documentarian Project.


Read the full report here