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A unique endeavor bringing together men who are allies in the fight to raise global awareness on behalf of women and girls around the world.

The Vital Voices Solidarity Council is a unique endeavor bringing together men who are allies in the fight to raise global awareness on behalf of women and girls around the world. It will build a platform to highlight men’s engagement to protect and defend fundamental human rights, to strengthen partnerships with individuals, organizations and corporations. The primary issue areas of focus will be on human trafficking, domestic violence, sexual violence and harmful practices, and engaging boys and men in meaningful conversations about masculinity.

The Council also identifies and nominates men to receive the annual Solidarity Award, which is presented in coordination with International Human Rights Day each year.


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ALEX PROUT | Solidarity Council Chair, Head of International Advisory Services, Nuveen

JACKSON KATZ PH.D. | Member, Founder & President, MVP Strategies

FRANKLIN MCCLARTY | Co-Founder & Co-President, The Firmament Group

RYAN SOSCIA | Member, Founder/CEO, Jdoe

DAVID SCHWIMMER | Member, Actor and Director

DON MCPHERSON | Member, Athlete and Educator

GARY BARKER | Member, President and CEO, Promundo-US

JUDGE MOHAMMAD AL TARAWNEH | Member, Vice-President, Court of Casation, Jordan

MIKE RAWLINGS | Member, The Honorable Michael S. Rawlings

SALMAN SUFI | Member, Strategic Reforms Unit, Chief Minister Punjab’s Office, Director General

CHRIS NASETTA | Member, CEO, Hilton

ALVIN ALLGOOD | Member, CEO, iSwim


HANS BISHOP | Member, CEO, June Therapeutics

JUAN OTERO | Member, Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, Comcast Corporation

CODY MCDAVIS | Member, Founder and President, Foundation 42


about the council members

Find out what drives each member to do the important work of the Solidarity Council and work toward building a world without gender-based violence with ‘mission statements’ from the members.

Alex Prout

Solidarity Council Chair, Head of International Advisory Services, Nuveen

I pledge to see you for the individual you are. I pledge to hear you. I pledge to work to recognize the biases I carry as part of both intentional and unintentional lived experiences in the workplace and world.

I recognize the need for me to actively be a part of building a bridge of understanding of these biases and to deconstruct them; to build empathy with and for my colleagues and my community in order to build a healthy and productive work environment but most of all to build respect and equality with and for others in society. In a workplace team, each member deserves to be seen, heard, and is deserving of empathy and compassion, especially those who has been traditionally marginalized, including all BIPOC, and LGTQ.

Jackson Katz

Member, Founder & President, MVP Strategies

I believe it is the responsibility of every man who claims to support human rights, democracy, and basic fairness to work for gender equality and justice.  I am one of those men, so I see this as both my work and my life’s purpose.  I also believe that working to end the global tragedy of men’s violence against women is a key part of the front line struggle to advance human progress — and something that men of every ethnic and racial background should make a priority within their sphere of influence.

Gary Barker

President and CEO, Promundo-US

Colleagues and I founded Promundo on the belief that gender equality needs men and men need gender equality. That goal continues to be as urgent and true and needed as it was 20 years ago.

Mike Rawlings

The Honorable Michael S. Rawlings

As Mayor of one of the top 10 cities in America, I discovered that one of America’s greatest tragedies and maladies is what happens to millions of women in the privacy of their own home. Men are hitting, strangling and killing their so-called loved ones. I want men in this country to stop this scourge and believe it is my calling to speak out anywhere and everywhere I can for this cause.

Alvin Allgood

CEO, iSwim

The truth is, girls and women are not treated as equals. The truth is, girls and women are victims of violence and abuses every second of every minute. I believe in equal rights for all people. I am here because I believe it is my job to create fair space in this world for all people to work and live. I am passionate about this because… that is the way to be.

Hans Bishop

CEO, June Therapeutics

The greatest challenges for our world, whether they be social, environmental or technical, requires the greatest talents to solve them. Today women are under represented in the most influential positions to address these challenges. We are missing out on their talents . We have to fix this with urgency for the benefit of all of us.

Juan Otero

Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion, Comcast Corporation

The fight for worldwide gender equality is not a zero-sum game, and I firmly believe that all men share in the prosperity that comes from elevating women and girls as leaders of our human race. This aspirational goal requires an intense focus and passion on basic human rights issues like eradicating gender-based sexual harassment and violence, which is why I stand with Vital Voices in their tireless work to advocate on behalf of women and girls in the United States and around the world.

Ryan Soscia

Member, Founder/CEO, Jdoe

I believe in a world that treats everyone equally and with dignity, one that is habitable for women and is empathetic toward survivors of sexual misconduct. I believe in solutions that can disrupt gender equality for the better that can be bundled in technology and scaled to reach billions of people around the globe.


Each Solidarity Council Member is a thought leader working to get men and boys involved in the work toward gender equality.

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