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Rebecca Lolosoli, the recipient of the 2010 Vital Voices Fern Holland Global Leadership Award, recently received a GR8! Women Award for her exemplary achievements in women’s rights. GR8! TV Magazine honors women from India, the Middle East and Africa to celebrate their strength and achievements in their chosen fields. On March 7, 2012, GR8! TV Magazine held their annual GR8! Women Awards in Dubai, UAE. A total of 18 women were recognized for their extensive work in fields like healthcare, fashion and fine arts, corporate activism and social services. 

Rebecca was recognized for her broad work in women’s rights activism. In Kenya, Rebecca bore witness to the shocking violence that stemmed from certain practices of her Samburu culture. Unable to stand idly by as women around her were abused, Rebecca spoke out against these traditions and violence against women, often to the dismay of those around her. With the support of other women survivors from her region, Rebecca left her home and formed a safe haven for women escaping their own violent circumstances. 

Today, over 50 women and children live in Umoja Uaso Woman’s Village and provide for themselves through the sale of their beaded jewelry and crafts. Through additional grant funding and trainings, the women have maintained their independence and even run a small school. In recent years, Rebecca has been internationally recognized on numerous occasions for her truly remarkable work in women’s empowerment. We congratulate Rebecca on her prestigious GR8! Women Award and applaud her continued commitment to improving the lives of women in her community and around the world.