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Women are a force for driving economic, political and social change.

The Global Ambassadors Program, a Vital Voices and Bank of America partnership, is designed to provide mentorship opportunities for emerging women leaders. This effort builds on Vital Voices’ 25 years of global experience in training and mentoring women who practice transformative leadership to advance economic development and entrepreneurship, human rights and political participation in their communities.

In 2012, Vital Voices and Bank of America developed this signature partnership to accelerate women’s leadership and economic empowerment throughout the world. Our work is rooted in a shared history of investing in leadership development, guided by a belief that strong women leaders are vital to healthy, vibrant communities and core to creating economic growth.

The Global Ambassadors Program connects women leaders (mentees) — at a tipping point in their professional, business and leadership paths — with established women executives (Global Ambassadors or mentors) for mentorship.

We take an innovative, immersive approach to mentoring in regions around the world; offering in-person exchanges, business acumen and skills training, networking and personal development workshops.


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