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Bold Movers program: Investing in Women Working Toward Gender Equity

Bold Movers is a two-month program that invests in women working toward gender equality advancing workplace inclusion, addressing challenges for working mothers and caregivers, and changing the cultural perceptions of women in society. Through the program, participants will build their confidence, empowering themselves to take on leadership roles and identify and remove barriers to their success.

In recent years, we’ve seen a backsliding in career opportunities for women, especially for working women who balance their professional obligations while simultaneously being a caregiver. The work of mothering and caring for loved ones is unrecognized, unpaid work that contributes to the pay gap for women. Furthermore, women’s professional progress is often hampered by gender-specific challenges such as likeability bias and a “motherhood penalty.”

These challenges have a cost. Not enough women are reaching leadership positions: for every woman promoted above the director level, two women directors leave their companies. In fact, women leaders are leaving their companies at the highest rates in history. 

To see change, workplace cultures must support women’s advancement and acknowledge and respect their obstacles and obligations. Women across the country are trying to make that vision a reality by creating radical transparency around the value and cost of balancing multiple priorities. 

Through curriculum work, mentorship, and a network of peers, Bold Movers gives participants the skills, knowledge, confidence, and inner strength to lead social change and create pathways to prosperity for themselves and their communities.  

Program Highlights: 

  • Seven weeks of leadership training and development 
  • Tailored mentorship on driving change in your workplace and/or community 
  • Lifelong participation in a network of link-minded, passionate peers 
  • Travel with the cohort to Stuart Weitzman headquarters in New York City for in-person training and networking 
  • Opportunity to apply for a project grant 

Who are Bold Movers participants? 

Bold Movers participants are women, ages 21-50 and based in the U.S., who are advocating for or implementing changes that level the playing field for working caregivers — especially in ways that will impact the opportunities of future generations of women. A participant might be someone who is… 

  • Building support networks in her workplace (like caregiver employee resource groups) or community (child or other family care provider resources, etc.) and/or
  • Fighting for gender-inclusive policies, especially as they relate to family planning, in her spheres of influence, and/or 
  • A working parent or caregiver of a disabled family member who is influencing change for herself and others in her position 
  • Cultivating the allyship of men and non-parents in her community 

When selecting Bold Movers participants, Vital Voices will particularly consider women who would benefit from leadership training to influence culture in both work and society at large.  

What does the program involve? 

Over seven weeks, Bold Movers participants will be part of a customized version of our flagship leadership development program, the Vital Voices Leadership Journey. Facilitated by inspiring, innovative experts, the course follows a highly practical, “learn-do-achieve” experiential learning methodology, combining live workshop sessions with self-paced activities and peer group discussions to help participants supercharge their ability to create positive change in their communities. 

Participants will also receive mentorship for the full length of the program, focusing on how best to catalyze the changes that matter most to them. 

Throughout the program, participants will forge bonds with their cohort members – women who, like them, are passionate about changing cultural norms and workplace policies around caregiving. As a participant, you will be part of a lifelong, ever-growing network of women with a shared mission who can offer support, mentorship, and guidance to help you take bolder steps in pursuit of ambitious change. Networks like these are crucial for the long-term success and resilience of women changemakers. Research shows that when women are part of diverse, non-hierarchical, non-competitive networks of other women leaders, they take on more daring risks and greater roles.  

At the end of the seven weeks, participants will have an opportunity to apply for grants to further their efforts. Participants will travel to the Tapestry headquarters in New York City to cap off the program. There, they will participate in in-person training, celebrate their leadership growth, and plan their future actions to promote gender equity in the workplace and beyond. 

This program is made possible by Stuart Weitzman and the Tapestry Foundation.

Applications are now closed. 

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