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Early this morning I received an urgent message from Sunitha Krishnan, an exceptional leader who stands at the forefront of the survivor-centered movement to prevent and respond to human trafficking. Her mission, organization and beneficiaries are at risk.

One of the most courageous women in our Global Leadership Network, Sunitha is the co-founder of Prajwala, an organization based in Hyderabad, India that rescues women and children from brothels and provides education, vocational training and reintegration services.

Sunitha and her team operate in an extremely dangerous environment. They are constantly threatened by sex traffickers who have the resources, connections and motivation to close Prajwala’s doors. Organized crime syndicates wield great power in the local community and target those who are willing to support Sunitha’s cause.

After repeated threats from traffickers, the landlord of one of Prajwala’s economic training and rehabilitation centers has just issued Sunitha an eviction notice. This center offers direct support to 100 trafficking survivors.

Growing hostility from a community that lives in fear of traffickers is making Sunitha’s work even more challenging. Her car was recently vandalized, further unsettling community members who would rather turn a blind eye instead of risk taking a stand against sex trafficking. Several of Prajwala’s staff are overwhelmed by the dangers and intimidation and have recently resigned.

I urge you to join us in taking immediate action to support Sunitha and keep Prajwala’s doors open for the trafficking survivors who rely on the organization for rescue and restoration.


Sunitha has developed a plan to respond to this crisis, and she needs help to make it a reality. To secure Prajwala and create a more enabling environment for staff to work in this high-risk field, Sunitha plans to relocate all Prajwala interventions to the outskirts of Hyderabad.

She has identified a safe space to build an Emergency Shelter, Economic Rehabilitation Center and Headquarter Unit, which will offer services to survivors as well as community-based prevention education and law enforcement training.

No contribution is too small. Please give what you can to help Sunitha and Prajwala today.