Wendy Leong

CEO, Veriva Systems


Wendy is the CEO of Veriva Systems, a regulatory technology solution manufacturer. Veriva was founded in 2005 to meet a need for local solutions to regulatory compliance technology. Veriva provides recording, storage, processing and analysis of telephone audio interaction to assist financial firms to meet compliance guidelines and reduce operational risks. Veriva Systems services are used by banks in Malaysia, the Philippines and Lebanon for telephone call surveillance to curb financial misconduct, financial fraud and money laundering activities. Veriva offers Veriva Suite, which is comprised of an end to end solution for call compliance recording, where there is a single owner for the entire process, from the start of the call to post call processing on the related call data with cognitive technologies processing and data analytics processing enabling users to have a seamlessly integrated platform. Call recording allows for retrieval on a later date in the event if a dispute or fraud occurs. In addition to call recording services, Veriva also offers integrated cognitive and data analytics services including transcribing, caller emotional analysis, conversation sentiment analysis and data analytics processing. These services are offered through either cloud based or on-premises servers. Wendy’s vision for Veriva Systems is to become a global company offering affordable and accessible call recording and its complementary services across key locations throughout the world. Wendy is also currently the CEO for Everdawn Sdn Bhd, a mobile technologies startup and IoT data. She has expertise in product design, product development, sales marketing and business strategy. She holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Systems from Monash University, Australia, as well as an MBA from University of Manchester, UK. Wendy has also gained a Certificate of Entrepreneurship through the e@Stanford Program, Stanford Centre for Professional Development, California.

What Wendy hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Wendy is hoping to learn from her peers from other parts of the world on how to do business within their countries. She is also hoping to increase her knowledge in strategic planning (especially within a chaotic market). She is also hoping to learn from the experiences of fellows in accelerated methodologies for product development, how to pivot solutions and products to meet changing market conditions.

What Wendy can offer other fellows: If any fellows are interested in expanding to Southeast Asia, Wendy can offer to help connect them to people with her region. Wendy has expertise in product design and development, as well as how to recognize gaps in industries that she can offer. She also has market experience in a variety of ASEAN countries and can offer her knowledge to fellows interested in entering into these markets.

Connect with Wendy on Social Media:

Website: www.Verivasystems.com


Wendy was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.