Valeria Calderon

General Manager, Babyayu

La Calera, Colombia

About Valeria:

Valeria is the General Manager of Babyayu (AYU), a company that started with designing unique baby carriers and has developed into a sustainable business concept. While baby carriers are at the company’s core, AYU also provides legal advice services and the creation of communication materials, such as print and digital media, such as manuals and product reviews for companies and new parents. AYU is not just about selling products; it is a network of women working together on post-natal and child rearing initiatives. This is why Valeria created the AYU Loves Kids Program – a cross-functional program with single and new mothers and health professionals intended to identify support resources and provide guidance to stay-at-home businesses. Women who participate in AYU Loves Kids use excess textiles from the production process to make additional products and partner with organizations to support education programs for underprivileged communities. Valeria is working to expand her leadership by authoring books that will reach rural Colombian communities and would like to carry out various projects including focused campaigns to promote bonding with babies. Overall, AYU wants to promote the well-being of all babies and new families, especially mothers, so that they can receive vital information and access income-generating opportunities. Valeria is a lawyer and has experience working on reproductive and sexual rights. She earned her law degree from Externado de Colombia University and is an expert prenatal and postnatal educator.


What Valeria hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

Valeria hopes to gain content development and social media marketing skills as well as strengthen her budgeting and financial management skills. She is hoping to clearly establish her goals and measure the social impact of her business.


What Valeria can offer other fellows:

Valeria can share with fellows her experience of being a business owner and a stay at home mother. She can also discuss and share the struggles of working with vulnerable populations and how she has collaborated with them to support and create a social approach to their business based on her own experience.


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