Silvana Oscullo-Cattani

Owner Mieles del Campo Turrones


Silvana owns Mieles del Campo Turrones, an agro manufacturing business that elaborates honey confitry like nougat and other derivatives such as candies with propolis and eggnog, with the headquarters based in the rural area South of Quito. They are four women who take care of the hives, elaborate the products and sell all the production in fairs all around Ecuador and in several stores. Mieles del Campo is offering innovative and healthy products in Ecuadorian food industry, and they are the first one in elaborating nontraditional nougat flavors and texture. The method of production is artisanal. They elaborate artisanal quality and premium honey products that extracts from its natural surroundings and then convert it into something that is easy to be consumable. This is the best way to offer a healthy sweet treats to the consumers. Mieles del Campo Turrones mainly has three lines of products. The first is nougat filed with a variety of dehydrated fruits, seed and nuts, such as macadamia nougat, almond nougat, peanut nougat, coconut nougat, pumpkin and seeds nougat. The second are several honey derivatives such as pollen, propolies, flu & cold syrup, lotion and lip balm made with bee wax. The third is artisanal cocktail made with yolk, which is the traditional Ecuadorian eggnog. There are three different flavors such as coffee, vanilla and cinnamon. Mieles del Campo has a three business cycles. The first is maintain and removal from the hive as soon as the honey is sealed. The second is the production and packing of different products that extract from the hive. The third is the distribution and selling of the products in three different channels—their own store, food fairs and small business. They also sell via e-commerce to the business owners. The social component of her business is the education of how people can use the honey bees and sustain the crops around the hives. Previously, neighbors were nervous about the bee hives. Silvana has been educating people about how the bees can help the environment and crops, and people are realizing the importance of the bees. She educates about how bees provide nutrition and health through their honey, and he sees this as having a lot of potential. When she sells her products, she has a beehive presentation and educates people about the bees and honey. Mieles del Campo also hires household woman, most of whom are head of households of the rural area of Quito. These woman are a middle age without high school diploma. By providing jobs to these people, they help to reduce the local unemployment rate. Their company gives to their employments different benefits such as medical, social security and compensation. Their main challenge is to grow and to diversify their distribution channels, with better and new products. They want to increase the value of their company by producing and promoting healthy products that enable to distribute to big retailers and achieve market leadership in Ecuador. Silvana is also the CO of La Casa Verde, which organizes entrepreneur fairs at Quito’s most popular shopping malls to provide a venue for entrepreneurs to promote and sell their products. Her areas of expertise include marketing and business management. She has received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Pontificie Universidad Catolica del Ecuador, as well as a Professional Selling Certificate.

What Silvana hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Silvana is hoping to strengthen her communications, networking and decision making skills. She would like to learn from fellows on how they succeed in their businesses.

What Silvana can offer other fellows: Silvana can offer to share her experience and what she’s learned from being an entrepreneur in the Ecuadorian market. She is also able to share her expertise in conflict management and creative thinking.

Silvana was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.