Rubini Naidu

Founder & CEO, Krupa

Novi, Minnesota

Rubini Naidu is Founder and CEO of Krupa, a novel community mobilization platform that connects nonprofits with individual donors through visual storytelling to foster ongoing relationships. Krupa is born out of Rubini’s experience in international development and visual storytelling over the last ten years where she observed how bottom-up change needs to be more accessible, and that leaders of local change deserve more visibility and community support. Rubini was recently awarded a 2018-2019 Fulbright scholarship to conduct the pilot phase of Krupa, thereby exploring the overarching question of how international development can be decolonized. Rubini previously worked on Melinda Gates’ flagship women’s health project through the Bill & Melinda Gates Institute in slums of Asia and Africa, and trained local nonprofit leaders in East Africa through the Foundation For Sustainable Development. Rubini also served as an instructor of photography for inner-city Baltimore teens through the Baltimore Youth Film Arts at the Johns Hopkins University Film and Media Studies program. Rubini received her master’s from Columbia University where she studied sociocultural anthropology, documentary photography, and social enterprise on a merit-based scholarship. She completed her undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University in psychology and photography.