Mickey Meji

Advocacy Manager, Embrace Dignity

South Africa

Mickey Meji is the advocacy manager at Embrace Dignity, a feminist human rights organization that challenges gendered power. Mickey is a feminist, abolitionist, and human rights and gender activist. She has significant professional and personal experience in issues surrounding the sex trade as well as the system of prostitution and its harms. Mickey is the lead survivor of prostitution activist and advocate in South Africa advocating for anti-sex trade laws that benefit the women who are bought, sold, and exploited in the system of prostitution.


Mickey founded a survivor movement in Africa, KWANELE, which is the first ever of its kind. Mickey has a vision of a prostitution-free and gender equal world where no girl or woman is bought, sold, and exploited – a world where no woman or girl is commodified or objectified.


Mickey was selected as a 2018 Global Freedom Exchange Fellow.