Manuela Gil de Tober

Manager Ingenieria Hospitalaria


Manuela is the manager of Ingenieria Hospitalaria, a company specialized in providing and managing services and products in medical technology. Ingenieria Hospitalaria first focused on Products with a low entrance barrier to win a nationwide market penetration with distributors. Right now they are much more selective for new lines and focus on market and Innovation for which they estimate a good potential in Colombia. Furthermore with the Simulation Business line, they diversify to non-Health sector clients to be more robust. They import and distribute medical devices and provide services as maintenance, qualification, cardio-protection (inspiring to save lives) and consulting in order to help their internal and external clients to grow and be satisfied. They have two main service lines— the health sector and the industrial sector. The health sector arranges doctors, ambulances, medical centers, hospitals etc., while the industrial sector serves private and public companies, universities, schools, gyms, malls, subway, banks etc. In the medical equipment product line, they have several representations of Manufacturers. The products are patient monitors, defibrillators (manual and automatic), emergency and transport ventilators, Infusion pumps, dental units, hematology analyzers and poly sonographic monitors. Ingeniería Hospitalaria will be a sustainable company, responsible with its environment and with a social impact. They want to alliance with distributors in Colombia so that they can sell more and have more potential. Manuela wants that the innovation process are working in stable way and be experts in what they do and offer. She also wants to produce a culture change in her clients regarding the willingness to help others by knowing how to act in emergency. Manuela has also founded a nonprofit subsidiary of FTZ Babytragen, a German babywearing training center. Through this, she works as a Babywearing trainer, which focuses on empowering mothers and family to have a very present and conscious maternity. The center now has 17 certified instructors across Colombia and Chile. Manuela’s areas of expertise include business management, cash flow management and leadership. She has undertaken a course in Business Management for Specialist and Executives at IHKFrankfurt am Main and holds a double degree in Process Engineering from EAFIT and Hochschule Bremerhaven.

What Manuela hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Manuela hopes to increase her networking, marketing, finance, leadership and strategic planning knowledge and skills. She would also like to learn about the experiences of business women in other countries.

What Manuela can offer other fellows: How to successfully take over a family company and how to transition it toward growth.

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Manuela was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.