Malika Bassam Mohammad

Owner/ General Manager, Jadara Electronics Co

Amman, Jordan

About Malika

Malika is the Founder and General Manager of Jadara Electronics, a Jordanian company that provides vocational trainers and simulators for vocational schools, universities and middle colleges. They also provide renewable energy solutions for residential and industrial zones, customizing solutions to their customers’ needs and delivering high-quality products and services at fair prices. Jadara Electronics additionally provides training on operations and preventive maintenance to their clients to ensure the long life of the equipment. The company offers free consultancy services to their customers to help them decide which equipment matches their curriculum needs and ensures that the client can use the equipment to its maximum benefit. Jadara Electronics also provides students with quality training equipment to ensure that they become certified technicians and are prepared for the job market. The company’s RNE services also help to decrease fossil fuel dependency and uses clean energy sources like sun, wind and water. Malika holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology Engineering from Yarmouk University and specializes in marketing and business management.


What Malika hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship:

After 13 years in business, Malika wants to grow to the next level. She is looking forward to developing a plan for more sustainable growth and preparing herself for instability in the market brought about by socio-political issues in the region.


What Malika can offer other fellows:

Malika can share her experience as a mentor and coach. She can help others to overcome challenges with problem solving, analyzing their current status and offering marketing ideas.


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