Lina Khalifeh

Founder, SheFighter


Lina is the founder of and a trainer at SheFighter, the first self-defense studio in Jordan designed to empower women both physically and physiologically through self-defense training.

After starting training women at the basement of her parent’s house, entrepreneur Lina managed to start her own and first SheFighter studio in 2012.SheFighter Studio is the 1st Self-Defense Studio designed to empower women both mentally and physiologically through Self-Defense Techniques. By learning SheFighter’s Techniques women will feel more confident, secure and strong to defend themselves from different violent situations.

The Idea of SheFighter about women’s Self-Defense has come from its founder about violence against women by which Lina describes it as “I didn’t find one real solution for violence against women”.

Lina has more than 17 years of experience in practicing Martial Arts like Taekwondo, Kick-Boxing, Kung Fu and Boxing. As well, the founder holds the black belt in Taekwondo 3DAN, and has represented Jordan in many competitions and championships (National and International). Lina got also certified as a trainer in Canada and North America.

Before founding SheFighter in 2010, Lina was a Marketing Manager, where she developed her expertise in communications, branding, sales and marketing. Lina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in French Literature. She is fluent in Arabic, English and French.

Lina was selected as a 2018 Global Leadership Awards Honoree, a 2018 VV100 member, and a VV GROW Fellow multiple times. Learn more about her story with her 2018 Global Leadership Awards Film.