Lavinia Richards

Director Beulah London

United Kingdom

Lavinia is the Director of Beulah London (‘Beulah’), a luxury womenswear brand with a social conscience. In 2010, Lavinia and her business partner, Natasha, went to India to volunteer in an aftercare home for girls who had been rescued from the sex trade. Having witnessed the horrors of trafficking first hand and seeing the devastating effects of women being re-trafficked from lack of employment opportunities, Lavinia saw a need to set up a business that could provide a sustainable, alternative livelihood for these women. Beulah impacts in three ways—donations, employment and education. 10% of profits from sales go to the Beulah Trust which re-invests in the women’s future. By providing the women with fair trade wages, they are given an alternative livelihood that sets the women on their journey towards freedom. Because knowledge is key, they are passionate about not only helping their customer to look and feel beautiful, but also educating them about the issues of modern slavery. Ultimately, Beulah seeks to empower and to bring hope to some of the most vulnerable women in the world through employment, providing support and opportunities that could change their future. Whilst, they’re on a mission to inspire women to look and feel beautiful, with a conscious knowledge the choices they make and the actions they take can make a real difference to the lives of others. Beulah offers three product lines—the accessories, ready-to-wear (RTW) and specialized services. Accessories collection accounts for a third of their unit sales, ranging from their famous blue heart scarves (donate 10% of profits to UN Blue Heart Campaign) to their shoes and bag collaborations with French Sole and Aspinal. RTW is the main focus of the business, which makes up 60% of revenue. Romantic daywear & feminine occasion wear dress a woman for every special moment in her life. Within the collections, they include silks that have been hand screen printed by girls who have been rescued from the sex trade. They also provide product spectrum service to make a style in the collection product specifically for the customer. The vision for Beulah is to create a global lifestyle brand that impacts the lives of hundreds of thousands of women. They want to create something bigger than just the brand itself – a community of people who are acting as agents of change. They want to be an inspirational voice for a generation, claiming that a woman’s freedom should never be a luxury. They want to see a world where freedom is expected and slavery no longer exists. They believe that BEULAH is uniquely positioned as a luxury lifestyle brand with a mission to provide a long-term positive impact on society by helping to create an alternative, sustainable livelihood to victims of human trafficking and educating people of their plight. Lavinia has expertise in finance, business management, product development and business vision. She holds a BA in Combined Arts (History of Art and Theology) from Durham University.

What Lavinia hopes to gain from the VV GROW Fellowship: Lavinia hopes to strengthen her knowledge and skills in strategic planning, business and personal leadership; and team management.

What Lavinia can offer other fellows: Lavinia can offer to share her experience in hiring and team building to create the right team, as well as to share specific challenges she’s overcome in this area. She can also share her experience with complex supply chain sourcing and working with impact projects.

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Lavinia was selected as a 2018 VV GROW Fellow.