Laura Alonso


Laura Alonso, Argentina

“One of the greatest beliefs I have is that ordinary people have to, and must be, in government – and ordinary people have to lead the change. Politics is not for superheroes. It’s for us: the common people, the ordinary ones. More ordinary people in politics, more women in politics, will make a difference – a difference we’re all waiting for.”

Laura Alonso says she’s always been a troublemaker. In Argentina, she’s a politician known for exposing corruption. Before running for Congress, Laura used to run Poder Ciudadano, a government watchdog group. Now a twice-elected representative in Buenos Aires, she’s introduced bills to increase transparency, protect free speech and promote progressive social policy.

Being in Congress is a challenge. Laura says the system is reluctant to reform, but she’s determined to keep pushing for the change she believes in. She uses her platform to voice the concerns of ordinary citizens, who she says know better than anyone what’s needed to improve their society.